4 Crucial Health Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking This Summer

Summer is already here, and it’s the perfect time to get outdoors to keep cool and have some fun in the warm air (www.padlespesialisten.no). While there are numerous activities you can do to keep the fun going, canoeing and kayaking bring a whole new level of adventure. Interestingly, these two activities are not just about having fun but also come with numerous health benefits most people don’t know.

You can never go wrong with canoeing and kayaking as an outdoor enthusiast because besides making merry, you’ll enjoy numerous health benefits. However, before discussing some of them, here’s how a canoe differs from a kayak:

  • Canoes are generally open to allow a paddler to kneel or sit. They have single-bladed paddles, which help maneuver the vessel through the waters.

  • Kayaks, on the contrary, are enclosed, which means the navigators can only sit with their legs extended. These vessels feature double-bladed paddles.

While these are their significant differences, you might find exceptions where some canoes are closed while kayaks open as per their required applications (https://www.padlespesialisten.no/categories/sup). Knowing that, here are some of the health benefits of trying out canoeing or kayaking as a sport or for fun:

Minimizes Stress

Canoeing and kayaking are forms of exercise that help lower stress levels. The human body naturally produces endorphins during exercise, which act as pain relievers. Furthermore, being outdoors in itself is an excellent stress killer. By simply getting out in the waters and paddling your way down the current is a magnificent way to de-stress and have a happy, tension-free day.

Boosts Muscle Strength

Canoeing and kayaking generally involve paddling using your hands. However, not many people realize that these movements also contribute to strengthening the chest, back, and shoulders. Such workouts target the entire upper body section, which, in turn, grows your muscle mass and helps accelerate the burning down of excess calories and fats.

Promotes Cardio Vascular Health

Among the best cardiovascular activities for a healthy heart are canoeing and kayaking. In these activities, you strengthen your cardiac muscles when you row and paddle through the water. That, in turn, raises your heart rate, which then pumps more blood into the body. A strong heart means reduced blood pressure and increased energy levels. These exercises are highly beneficial in offering excellent upper body workouts necessary for boosting overall cardiovascular health.

Improves Your Overall Mood

Another great benefit of heading out with your kayak or canoe is its effect on your mood. Are you having a long, rough day or feeling depressed? Well, don’t just sit indoors contemplating your next move, instead join your friends and paddle your stress out. Through such aerobic workouts, your brain secretes some hormones that enhance a positive mood. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or fear, outdoor activities such as canoeing and kayaking can help suppress such conditions.

There you have it! Besides having fun and increasing your social circle, canoeing and kayaking are incredible ways to improve your physical and mental health. Whether you’re paddling these vessels for entertainment or sport, maximize your time to enjoy all the benefits this summer.