Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking are both great leisure and sporting activities. They involve movement in water surfaces using and a canoe and a kayak respectively. There isn’t much difference between these two activities.

Canoeing can be defined as paddling a canoe on water surface using a paddle with single blade. This is usually done as recreational activities in most parts of Europe and even some times done together with Kayaking. In canoeing, the paddler kneels either with both knees and one knee depending with the strength they have to paddle the canoe. Canoes usually have open tops and can carry more people too.

On the other hand, kayaking involves paddling a kayak with a paddle with double blades. A kayak usually has a cockpit where the paddler seats in and legs extended inside the cockpit.

Canoeing and kayaking are very similar activities and that is why in some European countries they are regarded as one.

These are great exercises for testing your fitness levels as they involved paddling and propelling the vessels to a certain direction which can be hindered by wind or water tides.

Both kayaking and canoeing are not difficult activities. You will only need to learn basic skills which can be taught by pros to this activities. There are even canoes and kayaks built specially for beginners thus making it easy for them.

There is also another major difference between these two vessels. The kayaks seats deeper in water than the canoe. This means canoes maneuver better than kayaks in water and can easily be paddled.

As stated above, the kayak has an enclosed cockpit. This alludes to the fact that half of your body which is the feet will remain dry as much as possible. On the other hand the fact that the canoe is open at the top and can accommodate more than one individuals means that depending with the ocean tides, there are more chances of the paddlers getting wet.

Kayaks are mainly associated with rough tides and white waters. For this reason, kayakers are advised to wear protective gear like helmets, plugs for the nose and even carry medical aids in case of emergencies. This is different with canoes but many canoe users still use protective gear like helmets which is essential for safety.

It is essential to choose between a canoe and kayak depending on the type of waters you are going to travel. Canoes do well in still waters, lakes and rivers. They are not advised for Rough Ocean and sea tides because if it happens to capsize due to the storms and tides, then chances are you will not be able to come back up with the canoe.

Unlike the canoe, kayaks are great for great tides and waves because the paddler can be able to come up or roll over in case of capsizing.

When it comes to transportation of these vessels, they can be easily transported depending on the size and material used. Nowadays, many of these vessels are built with light material which makes them easy to transport.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for great activities in the oceans, lakes and sea around you, then canoeing and kayaking would offer a perfect activity for you, your family and even friends.